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Can rabbits get bronchitis from dogs?

My dog caught bronchitis from my friends dog. I'm worried about my bunny getting sick too. Is that a possible problem. Do I need to take him to the vet? Anything you know would help, thank you!
Hello, This is my first post.

He has done this occasionally over the years, but today he jumped out of his cage fast and layed down on the floor constantly moving and adjusting his back and position. He wouldn't lay for more than 5 minutes in a single spot. When he moved he kept doing this strange back stretch, butt up in the air, rear of his body twisted and front half laying regular. But wouldn't stay still for more than 5 minutes. When he would walk to a different spot he would walk fully stretched.

Any thoughts


Hello everyone.. (Or anyone! LJ is so quiet these days!)

Long story short I moved into my very own place 18 months ago & have been desperate to get some bunnies for at least 10 years (!) - I have 2 months off work coming up & am pretty settled where I am now, so think the time is right to get a couple of bunny housemates.

I have a few questions & have done a lot of googling & reading, but I'm finding some parts still confusing, so I've come to ask people who have been there & done it!

1) I definitely want to get two - I'm normally at work 6-11pm, so have my daytimes free but would rather have two to play together than one on it's own. Any thoughts on what's the easiest combination.. boy/boy, girl/girl, boy/girl, littermates? I'd be getting them both neutered. Also, breeds? Currently leaning towards getting two dwarf buns, any thoughts?

2) HUTCHES! I've been looking online & just getting more & more confused. What are the minimum measurements I should be looking for? A lot of them are listed as being suitable for rabbits & when I look at the measurements they're absolutely tiny. Going through amazon is throwing up a lot of hutches but the reviews aren't amazing. They would be outdoor bunnies during the summer & have the run of a large shed in the winter time. My garden is concrete with gravel and decking.. Will they be OK with grass grown in a tray for them & containers of soil to dig in? It's a sheltered city garden, with a couple of neighbourhood cats/urban foxes.. Is it even suitable for me to have bunnies?

Thankyou in advance!

Pet Portrait Commissions Open

(Mods, feel free to delete if not allowed.)

Hello!  It's time again that I offer up pet portrait commissions.  These are ACEO/ATC sized (trading card sized, basically) and done in watercolor (though if watercolor isn't your thing or you wish for something larger, I can work in other mediums and sizes as well, just ask).  They're $20 each, mailed.  I will need photos taken by you for reference that I can choose from to work with, and please note that head shots are best to work with for this size.

While my examples currently are only dogs, I'm looking to expand into other species, so don't be shy if you have cats, bird, rats, rabbits, etc!

I am open for 5 slots (may change depending on various factors), and will do a waiting list if needed.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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I have just recently got a bun and he has been doing great so far. Great with his litter, eating properly and enjoys his run time. My only problem is his cage liner/bedding. I'm currently using the carefresh for the bedding and Yesterday's news (the smaller version) for the litter but he doesn't seem to like the bedding. He's kicked it all out from the underneath where he sleeps as well as the one corner where he likes to lay. He also likes to lay on top of the plastic part of his sleeing area.

What type of bedding should I try? Or is it okay to just have the plastic flooring instead?(I'm not sure if that's considered mean/inhumane.) I can't remember what they were using where I got him either. I'm thinking of just using a timothy mat for the bottom? Or should I try an alternative? The bag of the other stuff is almost gone so I'd rather get something he'll enjoy.

Also, here's a picture of the hairball :3IMG-20140407-00254

Sore Hocks?

Hello all,

My poor Dali has come up with a case of sore hocks. They're not exposed- still under a good layer of fir but fairly red and inflamed. It looks as though there was a spot that may have bled, but I have no evidence of that other than a slight scab. Sadly, it's Sunday and I'm scheduled to leave on vacation today. My mom is going to take care of my buns while I'm gone, but she works during the day and having her take him to the vet isn't really an option.

I have collasate (protective collagen covering) that I'm applying twice daily and having my mom apply while I'm gone. I'm also planning on calling my vet to see if they'll prescribe Baytril over the phone; they have a pickup box where she could retrieve the meds after hours and they just saw him last week for front paw lameness (which we found out is due to elbow arthritis).

Since he is already coping with arthritis, I'm thinking his hocks will be a lifetime battle. I want to get him to a vet, but most likely won't be able to until I get back. Is there anything else I can have my mom do to help him when I'm gone? He's already on several inches of hay in his hutch and at a good weight per the vet last week.

Thank you for any help you can give; xposted to rabbitowners and bunnyowners.

Note To Bunny

Dear Whisper

If you steal your rubber brush, run around with it, then chew one of the big rubber bristles off it, you WILL get attention, but not the type you want. Because Momma WILL turn into a demon, chase you, drag you out from under furniture, stick her fingers in your mouth as far as it takes for as many times as it takes to get the rubber out.

She might snuggle you afterwards a bit. Even if you do foot-flick her.

Jan. 16th, 2014

Any ideas for an alternative way to give your bunnies water?

I can't use a water bottle because for some reason my Bunny drinks from it super fast to wear you hear the bottle actually bubbling and then he starts coughing cause he is essentially drowning himself. I put in there a ceramic bowl but it is hard to keep it full as he goes through it pretty fast and when it is empty he throws it around the cage which makes a lot of noise plus I am afraid it will break. Right now I have one of those gravity waterers for cats but now he keeps throwing his toys in there and making a big mess.

I was looking for maybe something like those gravity feeders that you attach to the side of the cage but one for water not food. Do those exist? Or does anyone have any other ideas.

Spot baths for sick buns

My Dayna is free from her ear infections, but the vet thinks E. cuniculi snuck up on her while she was sick. So she still isn't up and about...we do lots of PT and I hope to have her on her feet by the new year, at least.

Anyway, lying around on puppy pads tends to mean a bunny gets wet and dirty, and as we all know, urine burns and stinks quite quickly, especially if it stays on bunny's skin and fur. But both Dayna and I are sick and tired of sink baths where I have to spend 30-45 minutes grooming and blowdrying her angora-type fur afterward. So we came up with a spot bath treatment that even my mother, nervous as she is around Dayna, can do successfully. This should work for everyone, and I'm gonna put it down here in my abundance of ego at having actually done something on my own that works.

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Unsure of how to proceed

I haven't posted on this community in a long time and I apologize, but I need to ask for help with this one rabbit.

I have a holland lop of around 3 or so years old, neutered male, who refuses to eat his cecal pellets. Took him to the vet several times over this, and the vet determined that it was "behavioral" since no other cause could be determined. (No infections, no spurring of the teeth, diet is fine, etc)
I'm out of ideas.
Things I have considered:
Maybe he is depressed? But I am not sure a friend would guarantee him to start eating them. I considered a companion might make him start consuming his night feces but he might not.

Maybe his diet is too rich? But...
His diet is Oxbow for the pellets and hay, and he is not too good of a pellet eater but a great hay and veggie eater, however veggies seem even in tiny amounts to upset his tummy, so his diet is mostly hay. I have been watching his weight very carefully since the vet was worried about him due to not eating his cecals becoming malnourished. There may be tummy issues that we haven't explored here but I am unsure as to which direction to proceed in and hope someone else has dealt with another situation similar. Oxbow has never gone wrong with any other rabbit I have ever heard of so I am not sure what to do.

His cecals look normal, and smell terrible (as they should). He was tested for e. cunni and came up negative.

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