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Sore Hocks?

Hello all,

My poor Dali has come up with a case of sore hocks. They're not exposed- still under a good layer of fir but fairly red and inflamed. It looks as though there was a spot that may have bled, but I have no evidence of that other than a slight scab. Sadly, it's Sunday and I'm scheduled to leave on vacation today. My mom is going to take care of my buns while I'm gone, but she works during the day and having her take him to the vet isn't really an option.

I have collasate (protective collagen covering) that I'm applying twice daily and having my mom apply while I'm gone. I'm also planning on calling my vet to see if they'll prescribe Baytril over the phone; they have a pickup box where she could retrieve the meds after hours and they just saw him last week for front paw lameness (which we found out is due to elbow arthritis).

Since he is already coping with arthritis, I'm thinking his hocks will be a lifetime battle. I want to get him to a vet, but most likely won't be able to until I get back. Is there anything else I can have my mom do to help him when I'm gone? He's already on several inches of hay in his hutch and at a good weight per the vet last week.

Thank you for any help you can give; xposted to rabbitowners and bunnyowners.

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