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My decision


So, probably not many of you are going to be understanding of my choice, but I've been giving this all a lot of thought. I still feel that I cannot care for my bunny, Esmeralda. Quazi, her partner and my beloved bunny for 9.5 years, died Thanksgiving weekend. He had been there with me through a lot of really, really hard times in my life. I came home to find him gone, after being gone at my grandparents for 1.5 days. They both had food and water and I had left them for a few days with plenty of food and water before, so that was not the problem. It was just his time to go. I do miss him, but I'm glad that, if he was suffering, he's not suffering now and he's in a much, much better place. Esmeralda seems a bit more sad without him. She hardly ever goes onto the bottom level of her hutch anymore and she still needs to be bathed and medicated. She doesn't seem interested in running around the hutch anymore, either. I have called a couple of places and tried to find someone who would be willing to help me medicate her. No one is and my family will not help with that. I don't have the time to devote to her that she needs, either. I called the Humane Society around here and they called me back today. They said they cannot take her. Since we don't know whether or not her Econiculie is causing her to have a wet butt or not, they don't want to risk passing that along to their other rabbits. They will not even take her hutch and hay and other supplies that I have. I plan on giving the hay and other items to my best friends' mom, who has a bunny. The Humane Society offered me a low cost euthinasia option and that's what I'm going to do for her. They said the prognosis is pretty poor, even with the right treatment, and my vet said she had a decent one. I really don't know what else to do at this point. I'll be taking her in on Friday, to have that done.

I wanted to say thank you for all the advice, support, and guidance this community has given me over the last almost 10 years. I will remain a member of the community and will gladly help out with other people's bunny issues, when I can. Thanks to all my rabbits almost continual illnesses, I have learned much more about bunnies and the issues they could potentially have, than I otherwise may have. This, and many wonderful years with my sweet, soft, adorable Quazi, as well as the time I had with his partner, Madelyn and now Esmeralda, are what I have gotten out of all this. I have learned a lot. They've all been sweet and they all have special places in my heart. I will be sad and i am sad when I think about letting Esmeralda go, however I feel it is the best thing for her and for me.

Take care everyone and give your bunnies a hug for me.


Keeping thin/frail bunny warm

Hi folks!

Thanks for the suggestions about how to bathe my sickbun. She actually enjoys wet baths now, and at the vet's they have a special Bunny Butt Bucket now which is a repurposed trick-or-treat pumpkin. :)

She is on the road to recovery, officially. She's standing up and eating out of dishes these past two days. The ear infections are gone enough that we're on oral Baytril only now, we're working on her eyes, and while she still has quite a bit of torticollis, when she gains strength/weight my vet will see about chiropractic adjustments as her atlas bone is very out of alignment (and no wonder).

My question is thus: She is very thin due to all of this, and she currently has a hygiene cut around her face and bum. My mother likes to keep the energy bill down, and it's rather cold right now where we are. The thermostat says it is 62F in here. Normally I wouldn't think twice as this is a bunny who freaking LOVES snow, but again, thin (half her normal weight) and with diminished fur coat. I currently have a blanket tucked around her which she could easily wriggle free from if she got too warm (and that is not happening; she's just sleeping) and I just refilled her dish with lukewarm water, but is there anything else I should be doing to keep her comfy?

Second question: Little girl loves her some Baytril. The type my vet gave me is chocolate-flavoured and it CLEARLY meets with approval. Is there a safe chocolate-flavoured treat I could give after she's finished her medication (because no bunny was ever spoilt so rotten)? The internet is divided into two VERY opposing camps on this subject, and this sweet tooth of hers has only developed in the past year, so I never sought this type of info out.

Hard questions.

Hi guys,

I am feeling rather discouraged. I guess my question to you all is, how do you know when it’s time to put a bunny/bunnies down?

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Challenging bath

My 7 year old rabbit has bad bilateral ear infections right now. She is on oral Baytril as well as Baytril ear drops prescribed by the e-vet Saturday night, and we are following up with her usual vet tomorrow.

She cannot tell up from down currently and lies on one side or the other. When she moves she flails and flops like a fish. She IS eating (I'm feeding baby food and water-laden produce) and doing her business.

This last is the problem. She's been peeing on herself out of necessity and yoinks it stinks! She's in bed with me and constantly supervised (I can sleep when I'm dead) because you have to be touching her somehow at all times to keep her calm...and dang girl you steeeeenk.

I've never bathed her in her life, she's never needed such things. How should I go about cleaning her lower half? Waterless shampoo? Baby wipes? Just put up with it? ???

Thanks for any tips.

EDIT: She's had a bum bath which has awakened her disgust at messing herself. My mother (whom I live with) has broken out my old cloth diapers to give my towels a break! XD

Note to Bunny

Dear Whisper,

I think you met your match today.

You tried to steal a Slinky toy out of the Basket Of Cat Toys.

Except that the other end of the Slinky didn’t want to come and anchored itself to the heavy basket.

Never one to give up, you planted those feet of yours and began tugging.

Until you had stretched the Slinky across the entire room.

And then… you lost your grip.


Slinky 1, Bunny-Thief 0.

Note to Bunny

Whisper... if you grab a box, you must be prepared for it to chase you when you run. Until you let go of it. Even if it smells like nummy hay.

The amount of my laughter at the startled bunny racing through the room chased by the evil box (which is held prisoner by the bunny's teeth) will be proportionate to the box's size.

This one was truly spectacular. 

Note to Bunny

Dear Whisper,

No. Just don’t.

I don’t care how much fun it is.

You cannot steal the dividers out of my sewing chest’s drawers.

Even if they are made out of paint stirrers and are nice light-weight wood that you can run around with in your mouth like a puppy with a bone. And wave over your head in triumph. And then start chewing. Because apparently paint stirrer wood is very tasty.

Just because Momma will bribe you with apple twigs to get her divider back, does NOT mean you can keep stealing more, even if paint stirrer wood is even tastier than apple twigs.

Although watching you try to jump on top of the chest and somehow end up tangled in the cats’ toy basket that was next to it… that was kinda fun.

Trying to gain the Smidgeon-kitty’s sympathy and consoling face-licks MIGHT work, however. She appreciates a good theft.

Sore on Foot?

Hi bunny lovers!

My little Elsa has a strange area on the bottom of her foot. It looks like the fur has been rubbed off and it's red. (I tried to get a picture but she wouldn't sit still long enough!) She doesn't seem to be in any pain- she's hopping around, binkying, eating and pooping, and playing with her bonded "husband". Should I take her to the vet? Or see if it heals on its own? or something in between? Thank you!!  
No, Whisper, you cannot chew the drapes.

Obviously, you didn't learn your lesson the last time, when you got stuck in one of the holes, was photographed, and Shamed publicly on Facebook and Livejournal  ( http://stealthbunny.livejournal.com/126995.html )

You just learned to be sneakier.

When the water-spray seemed to have no effect, I went to look.

You had wrapped the drape COMPLETELY AROUND YOURSELF, sheltering you from the water as you chewed.

You are learning faster than I can bunny-proof.

Also, scaling the folded-and-cased camp chair so that you could reach the higher level of the cat-tree? Brilliant. Realizing that the Instruction Tag on the chair's case was on an elastic string so that you could grab it, pull it, let go and it would BOING back? Very amusing, but now there's not much tag left and that chair doesn't belong to us in the first place. (sorry, Mere). 

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